Saturday, February 4, 2012

U.S. Pushing For Confrontation

Events are now building to where a large scale regional conflict in the Middle East, spiraling into a global confrontation, grows from impossible to unlikely. At the current pace, in a month's time what is now unlikely becomes more and more probable.

That the issue only rumbles beneath the surface makes the danger that much greater. The U.S. is pushing Russia and China to a point geopolitically where they will be compelled to respond much as Japan was before Pearl Harbor. Russia's interests in Syria are inviolate as are China's in Iran. The former because it hosts an all-seasons naval port and the latter because China cannot be dependent on oil from U.S. vassals in the Gulf. With China, you also have the U.S. surrounding shipping chokepoints -- with agreements to station U.S marines in Darwin, Australia and littorals in Singapore.

From my vantage point, the Washington is doing this to shore up their imperial position using an overwhelming residual military power that no longer exists economically. The message to all other nations is clear; fall in line.

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Anonymous said...

US will not engage in a conventional war with Iran. The main issue with Iran is its political independence as well as its Pan Islamic ambitions. Even a regime change is not desired. There is pressure on Iran to "fall in line" as you say. Remember the Iran-Contra affair? At the height of the rhetoric they were engaging in various deals. The regime serves many purposes for Zionists and imperialists. It has executed, jailed many Marxists and practically wiped out the left in Iran. When there is a need for an enemy for Israel and the US it's there to serve the purpose. In the meantime it's used as a scarecrow to sell arms to Arab countries. And all the collaboration and cooperation in Iraq and Afghanistan have been very helpful. A conventional war will set fire to the region. Turkey's interests are on the line. Also, the price of oil, two unpopular wars, cost of wars are other reasons that there will be no war with Iran.