Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging Anonymously

A good starting point for why I am and will remain anonymous. I don't do this for careerism or for google ad cents.

I have to say that the idea of being anonymous was not very familiar to me at the beginning, I didn't understand why would people do something or write something without putting their names on it, I thought it was only out of fear or security risks. The truth is, I am convinced now that it is more than this. Yes, there is a security aspect, but also it is a statement that you make when you write or act in anonymity, it is a statement to take away personal dynamics and concentrate on the idea that is being expressed. In this world, where your personal life is taken into account to "judge" your views, anonymity protects your ideas from being looked at from an angle that you didn't want: personally.(1)

p.s. The one caveat to blogging anonymously is there has to be certain lines of personal attack you cannot cross, because it's not a fair fight. Public figures are OK to scorn, and any of the bloated meritocracy, etc. Less public figures or private individuals should be given clearance.

1'Talking Personal Blogspot'

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