Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Nonstop Barrage of Loaded Language and Misleading Reporting

Shitty reporting by the Guardian, using loaded language with at least a controversial position implied.

The fate of Greece is, on Tuesday night, in the hands of the leader of a far-left party who launched the quest to form a government by declaring the country could no longer commit itself to the terms of an international loan agreement keeping its economy afloat.(1)

Greece's economy is not "afloat", nor is the loan agreement necessarily helping it as implied. Greece is in a historically awful depression which the IMF factually speaking has as of yet done nothing to ameliorate.

1'Eurozone crisis: Greek left leader renounces bailout deal' - UK Guardian

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Lorraine said...

Ya think they should pull an Iceland? Do ya think Iceland is a proof of concept, or just the exception that proves the rule, wouldn't work in a real country with a largish population, yammer, yammer, yammer? What ya think of "call their bluff" strategies in general?