Thursday, May 31, 2012

Was OWS A Failure

The Zuccotti Park occupation was a dismal failure. The functioning of Wall Street was not disrupted. Occupy Wall Street never occupied Wall Street. Even Zuccotti Park was “occupied” only with the consent of the mayor of New York City, and it was cleared out the moment he withdrew that consent. In the end, no autonomous space was reclaimed. The effort to remake society by multiplying and weaving together autonomous spaces is back to Square One. Even worse, precious little progress was made during the occupation in articulating and working out what the movement is for, or how to solve the serious social and economic problems we now confront.

OWS was not a dismal failure unless you have ridiculous standards for what success is. So yes, OWS did not immediately lead to worldwide social revolution ! What a failure.

1'The Make Believe World of David Graeber - Kliman

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