Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Land of the Meek and Cowed

Perhaps the debacle last night in Wisconsin will refocus people's attention on just how reactionary the U.S. political landscape is. Things continue to get worse, not better. In California, several large cities slashed pensions for their public service employees.

The basic attitude here is one of resentment and selfishness, not of lifting people up, but of driving other people down.

We can blame the ruling class all we want, but this is all happening with the acquiescence of the people.

I always tell young people unambiguously to leave the U.S. if at all feasible. The future here is not going to be pleasant. Better even to live in a country where there is more poverty, but more humanity; and, of course, there are many other countries with more robust middle classes if that is what one desires.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. Just look at some of the comment sections. The rabid hate towards demonstrated towards fellow citizens is appalling. The whole system is appalling. Everyone is just itching to see some or another group of people as parasites, non-producers etc. Only full democracy in the workplace producing goods for need rather than profit will change this.