Saturday, September 1, 2012

The U.S. does not have a free market

In a free market, one can design a product and sell it to the public in as easy a manner as possible. This entails the existence of actual street markets with minimum rents or regulations, something mostly non-existent in the U.S.

If I have a product I want to sell, I can not go out on a street corner and sell it. I will be fined or arrested. In order to sell to the public, at the minimum, I have to register as a business and pay a rather exorbitant vendor license or rent a store front. The market is therefore mediated through the interests of capital.

Either way, this process excludes a fairly large portion of the population, most of whom can then be shuttled off into low paying jobs with a high degree of dependency on rich bosses.

If you want to see a marketplace, go to another another country, what they call a developing one. What you have in the rich countries is not a free market.

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