Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Tariffs !

China is driving the rest of the world's exporters into the ground. So it's natural that some type of resistance is going to concocted. After many generations of lecturing about Smoot-Hawley, it looks like 'green tariffs' is what Washington is coming up with to put a friendly face on a trade war.

...the Chinese refusal to accept verification measures could also lead to calls for punitive tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the United States. The House bill allows for the imposition of tariffs on goods from countries that do not constrain their carbon output. A group of 10 Democratic senators wrote to Mr. Obama two weeks ago warning that the Senate would not ratify any treaty that did not protect American industry from foreign competitors who do not have to meet global warming emissions limits.(1)

1"China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks" - NYT
2"Obama hard-pressed before Copenhagen meeting " - Xinhua

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