Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Will All Be Speaking Norwegian

Or the UK will, at least. Hide your daughters proud Englishmen, Fish and Chips will become Lutefisk and Chips:

Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund "has become so large that it now owns more than 1% of the world's shares, is Europe's biggest equity investor and speaks for 1.7% of all listed European companies" says the UK Guardian.

More forbidding is this: "The fund's exposure to the UK will soon increase further, as (CEO)Yngve Slyngstad is planning to invest into the UK property market in the coming months."The UK is the first property market we will go into," he says."

After all, "At £259bn, they (the fund) have never been higher and could easily cover the UK's £175bn budget deficit."

(substitute China for Norway ; would the Guardian be so sanguine ?)

1"Norway's sovereign wealth fund: £259bn and growing" - UK Guardian; Fouche

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