Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The List of Billionaires is Growing in Asia

One thing the narrow minded US billionaire class will find out in the coming years is that most profit comes via regional markets. It is very difficult being based on one continent, while investing and operating primarily in another. Wall Street and Corporate America's dream of riches through tapping China's domestic market is already proving fanciful, and given the CCP's growing centralization, this will only continue in the future.

Henry Sy is a Filipino billionaire whose wealth doubled last year, as his domestic market remained relatively untouched by the Western financial crisis. He is also Chinese, and a native of China, which gives him the connections to move into mainland operations in a way that the round-eyes will never be able to.

If American billionaires want to remain in charge, they would be wise to cultivate the North American market because they are always going to be standing in line when it comes to China and India. Unfortunately for them, I see little foresight in this regard, but rather a grim determination to cut costs of every type in the U.S. and drive the middle class under.

1'Philippine tycoon to expand mall operations in China' - China View

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