Monday, January 18, 2010

The Washington Post Quotes Some Retired Military Asshole

From the Washington Post, on the Mass. senate race and anti-Obama 'anger':

"It's socialism. It starts with health care. It starts with the government bailouts," said Johnson, 43, who's retired from the military. "I work for a living and I see more and more of my money going to people who sit home and don't do it. I'm all for helping people out, but I like keeping what I earn."

This guy is perfectly happy to get his government health care and retirement after working for 20 years in the military. Now he gets to sit on his ass the rest of his life, or complain about other people who 'sit at home'.

Most military jobs have little to do with combat. And the social respect and financial entitlements these guys expect is ridiculous.

I've known far to many of these goldbricking military types to be impressed by their 'sacrifice'.

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