Monday, May 31, 2010

Educating People is Not Hard

Humans have an innate interest in learning, as anyone with young children has observed. The problem for the U.S. ruling class is developing a technically well-trained population that is still submissive to authority.

Big business needs efficient bean counters. But they can't have well-rounded individuals undermining their authority, or worrying about things like democracy in the workplace. Start arguing with the boss at the interview and you won't have a job.

It's really hard to train someone to be technically capable but at the same time render them a zombie about all other matters in life. This is the quandary bourgeoisie-minded education reformers find themselves in.

1'Is the "Billionaire Boys Club" Good for Education?'-Economist's View

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The Arthurian said...

Arnold Toynbee said that if civilization isn't advancing, it is in decline. I think that says it all.

When civilization is advancing, all the barbarians want to sign up and become part of it. When it's in decline, citizens turn into barbarians.

If ya want a population that goes along with the establishment, all ya have to do is make sure yer civilization is advancing.