Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Divisive Chart of the Day

Some thoughts:

First: Asian Male Privilege , anyone ? Let's get working on that.

Second: Themes of minority racial unity espoused by hermetically sealed Berkeley-ish profs are b.s.

Third: Immigration patterns and flows are a significant influence on this chart. Sample Bias, in other words.

Fourth: Mexico is far richer than mainland China on a per-capita basis.

Fifth: Immigration 'Reform' in the United States political class is about factions of Capital arguing over a skilled-labor system versus a migrant-labor system.

and Sixth: I'm reminded of a friend , with a PhD in physics, who spent fifteen years raising her kids while her CEO husband slept around the globe. Now she's divorced and substitute teaching for a living, and building up her job experience.

Chart fleeced from wikipedia-Income Inequality in the US. Year: 2005.

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