Friday, July 29, 2011

Again, Mexico is Not a Poor Country

It's per capita GDP is far higher than China and India.

An American stereotype of Mexico as being made up entirely of poor laborers has more to do with immigration patterns (in other words, what they see) than any type of reality.

Anita Barnes, director of La Familia Counseling Center on Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento, said she recently spoke to a high school graduate who had lost his job in a restaurant and was thinking of going back to Mexico.

"He came over with his mom, who was in the process of losing her restaurant job," Barnes said. "It's frightening, especially for the children. They feel this is their country, they don't know anything else, and they find they can't get driver's licenses or jobs."

As its economy rebounds, Mexico "is becoming a better option than it was in the past, but you still have to find a job and reconnect," Barnes said.

While the weakened U.S. economy, rising deportations and tougher border enforcement have led to fewer undocumented migrants, changes in Mexico are playing a significant role, González Gutiérrez said.

Mexico's average standard of living – including health, education and per capita income – is now higher than those in Russia, China and India, according to the United Nations.

1'Improving Mexican economy draws undocumented immigrants home from California' - Sacracmento Bee


Anonymous said...

So, why is the unemployment rate lower in the US than in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say lower in Mexico than in the US.

Purple said...

The U.S. is still far wealthier, in aggregate, of course.